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R.I.P. Carrie Fisher


My dearest darling Debbie Reynolds’ daughter Carrie Fisher, as you know, has passed. It’s been devastating to her entire family and the entire show business world. What do you say at a time like this? We can only think about how wonderful she was and everything she did with her talent. I knew Carrie before she was born! That’s how far back Debbie and go back. Carrie will be missed by all.

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Thank You, Zsa Zsa


A few years back, my dear friend Debbie Reynolds was supposed to present me with my star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but she was filming that day, so she got Zsa Zsa Gabor to present it to me instead.

She had her husband, the prince, with her at that time and she said “it is an honor to present this star on Hollywood Blvd, to my dear friend…” and she looked around and said to her husband… “What’s his name?” Well, we realized she was serious and we all started screaming with laughter. And then she said “Rip Taylor.” So, that was fun! We’ll always miss her.

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