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It’s My Birthday!!


And look at what someoneĀ made for me! This is almost as good as jewelry!

An on the other hand, there’s this:




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The Secret to Life


OK, I don’t have the secret to life. But now that I’ve got your attention:

My webmaster and I are going to make a list of all of the people I’ve worked with that are stars, became stars, or were stars. There will be no order to it, just what I think of off the top of my head. Keep an eye out. I’ll put it on my website atĀ when it’s ready.

“Rip Rip Hooray” my documentary, is coming out soon! The producers of the documentary started filming me 3 1/2, almost 4 years ago. I was shocked at how long it takes to do something like a documentary. You and I, dear reader, would have finished it in 15 minutes. They had all of the materials… I understand they have to get rights, and that takes quite a long time, among other things, but… Anyway, keep an eye out because it’s coming out soon. I want to add a special thanks to Frank Kelley and his crew who got me started with the documentary. I can’t believe it’s finally finished!

A special thanks to John Oliver and his staff. He comes back to his show in February and I’m hoping for a call!

My Birthday is this month, as you all know. I don’t want to discuss my age, so please don’t ask! I just like to think about how happy I am to still be performing. With the help of my webmaster (you should all hire him), we’ll get that celebrity list done soon!

Happy happy everybody!


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