4Oct, 2016

A few pictures

from the premiere of my documentary!

26Sep, 2016

The Premiere is Tonight!

The premiere of my documentary is tonight. At last, after all this time! It’s called Rip Rip Hooray! You can get tickets at the Silent Movie theater on Fairfax in West Hollywood, but I’ve heard they’re all sold out… thank God!

I’m going to the screening now. I’ll let you know how the crowd liked it… or not. If they didn’t, I won’t tell you. At last! Rip Rip Hooray!

It must be real, because it’s got an IMDB page!

19Aug, 2016

No, Seriously…

It’s taken forever to finish the documentary, but I hear it’s coming out soon. Keep an eye out for it. It’s called Rip Rip Hooray! I hope you enjoy it.

PS: I hope I enjoy it!

14Jul, 2016


Flash Flash Flash! I was searching through the television channels to see what movies were on and at 3:30 to 6 on the Sundance channel – California time – the movie I was in with Demi Moore, Robert Redford and Woody Harrelson is on! That’s right, “Indecent Proposal.” I love the fact that it’s still alive and moving… like me! I just thought you should all know.

My documentary, after all this time, is finished, or so I’m told. I won’t tell you how many years it’s been! It’s outrageously terrible that it would take so long, but it’s coming soon and it’s called Rip Rip Hooray! Keep looking for it. I saw it, and it’s not bad! I hope you all enjoy it. Talk to you soon, thanks all for all the kind words and Rip Rip Hooray!

PS: My scenes in Indecent Proposal are in the first 40 minutes, so whatever your time zone is, maybe you’ll still catch me. I’ll tell you all about meeting those three people… lots to tell. Show business is my life! Onward and upward!

Love, Rip

6Jun, 2016

Flash Flash Flash!

I was coming out of my doctors office two days ago in Beverly Hills and one of those photographers from “the rags” photographed me coming up the street. I begged him “Please don’t picture the cane! Hide the cane, my feet hurt!” Well, in this week’s issue of The Globe Newspaper, as of yesterday (Princess Diana is on the cover), you’ll see a photograph of me, walking down Beverly Hills, after a foot appointment, using a cane. Tacky. Ah well, onto bigger and better things. Thanks Everybody! Busy busy busy!  Why the Tron picture, I hear you asking? Because it’s better than a picture of me with $%&^* cane!

26May, 2016

Maybe it’s actually happening…?

I finally got more news about my documentary. It’s going to show in June in two theaters here in Los Angeles. That’s what I’m told, but I’ve been told a lot of things. It’s been 5 years. It was July 2011 when they told me it would be out soon… We’ll see.

17Apr, 2016

No joke!

I received a call today from God. He said “At least meet me half way!”

31Mar, 2016

She’ll Be Missed

You’ve probably heard the news about our darling Patty Duke. It’s a sad day, but we did have fun together.


22Feb, 2016

Thanks, Deadpool!

Dear Deadpool, I can’t stop laughing at your YouTube post. I’m a big fan of you and a big fan of SNL, and obviously you have me mixed up with another Taylor, of which there are many – but I ain’t that one! Keep up the good work! PS: Tell Ryan I like his work too!
14Jan, 2016

It’s My Birthday!!

And look at what someone made for me! This is almost as good as jewelry!

An on the other hand, there’s this: