1208, 2015

Rip Rip Hooray!

Here is a very short clip of my documentary. It will be out on DVD soon, so keep watching here or my Facebook page to see where/how you can get it.

106, 2015

Well, if it pays enough…!

I’m sorry I didn’t have time to tell you this beforehand, but it was a rush job! Yesterday I was on John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight”, his HBO show. Are you ready for this? For me agreeing to be Thailand’s new surrogate for Hitler! He promises it makes sense in the context of the show. The crew couldn’t have been nicer and more professional, which is hard to find in this day and age in show business. This show is so #1 and up my alley. And it’s around my block! I hope I get a chance to do more with John Oliver, because it was so entertaining and so much fun! I’ll keep you posted. You all contact the Last Week Tonight show and tell them to put me back on. Don’t tell them I told you to do it!

Click that big arrow by John Oliver’s chin to watch!

Thank you Thailand!